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Cases of venous thrombosis, lung embolism (often fatal), as well as arterial apoplexy have actually been stated seldom. Previous thrombotic condition is taken into consideration a contraindication to utilize of oral contraceptive pill combos. [Ref]

Hematologic side effects including thromboembolism have actually been related to the use of exogenous oestrogens. Because the dose of exogenous estrogens is reduced in many commercially available preparations, the threat is very little for a lot of women (other than ladies who are over age 35 and also smoke and ladies with a previous record of thrombotic illness). [Ref]

Genitourinary adverse effects have actually included innovation bleeding and also detecting, specifically during the first several patterns of oral contraceptive pill usage. Non-hormonal reasons of such bleeding need to be excluded. Vaginitis, dysmenorrhea, and also candidiasis have been stated. Metrorrhagia, questionable Papanicolaou smear, vaginal moniliasis, menorrhagia, urinary tract infection, boob pain, dysmenorrhea, menstruation disorder, amenorrhea, and urine abnormality have actually been reported in postmarketing encounter. [Ref]

Nerves side effects have included chorea, which has been stated once in association with oral contraceptive pills. Migraine and asthenia have been reported in postmarketing encounter. [Ref]

Eye side results have actually consisted of retinal apoplexy, which has actually been reported hardly ever. In addition, the producers of oral contraceptive pill products report that some clients have established changes in contact lens resistance. Postmarketing experience has actually consisted of quite unusual records of eye inflammation including iritis and uveitis. Optic neuritis, which may bring about partial or full loss of vision, has been stated. [Ref]